Haru , Shahukachi Musician

Haru is a Hong Kong Shakuhachi musician and theatre artist.


Back in 2007, Hura began studying Shakuhachi under the tutelage of Ocean Chan, practicing a portfolio of classical and contemporary music including Chikuho-ryu、 Watazumi-Yokoyama honkyohn and many others. Later, he regularly visited Kyoto to enhance his skill of Kinko-ryu, Tozan-ryu andMyoan-ryu. Also, he learned from Shakuhachi master, Mr. Yodo Kurahashi (倉橋容堂).


From 2012, Haru started performing with different arts groups; including solo Shakuhachi performances and live accompaniments, as well as working with groups to record television, film and advertisement soundtracks.


Since 2013, Haru has spread his wings outside Hong Kong. He has participated in Shakuhachi improvised performances and music sharing, in addition to incidental music scores for stage performers in places such as Beijing, Shanghai, Nanchang, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Kunming, Dali, Taiwan and Japan. What is more, in 2016, Haru presented his original Shakuhachi compositions for the first time at Anhui Jiuhuashan.


This year, Haru was the Senior Chinese Woodwinds Division award winner at the 2017 4th Hong Kong International Music Festival.

Currently, Haru is actively exploring the opportunity to revive old and to create new Shakuhachi music in regions with Chinese culture.

In the past , Haru worked with ...
Tai Chi
Incense Sticks